Static Website

Designing a static website is the simplest way to showcase your products, services and information in an effective way.  It is a cost effective form of advertising your products online.  A static website is quite suitable where updating the products or services is not required.  Static web designs are ideal for downloading images, brochures etc.  Static websites are browser friendly and easy to navigate.

Designing a static website is quite simple when compared with dynamic website as the development technology is quite simple. In general static websites are created using minimum script, CSS and HTML coding. Our static web designing services starts with understanding the clients requirement, analyzing and designing the appropriate lay out which translates your business logic into the desired application.

We offer top notch web design solutions for all your online activities. As a reputed web design firm, we offer numerous web solutions and services including static web design and static webpage design services. Our hard core professional web designers and web developers helps us to create a niche in the field of web designing. On the top we feel responsible to deliver our projects with in a time frame.


  Dynamic Website

We know that every customer is different and has different needs. Now a day’s dynamic websites are most popular because they have control panel and the website owner can manage their changes easily. Dynamic website is capable of engaging the visitor and impacting the business more considerably. Most of the Dynamic Websites we build are content management systems developed in WordPress, Joomla or Drupal based.

Dynamic Website design can be simple or complex depending on the customer's design / development needs. We offer you the complete range of dynamic website like Database driven Website, Knowledge Base Website, Jobs Database, Resume Database, Member-only sites etc where you can easily add / edit content and see them appear online in real time, change images as you please from one central place.

Maximum of modern day websites are dynamic website as they have user friendly interface and enable users to upload content themselves. Dynamic websites may be expensive and require expensive hosting, the development process might be slow but the end result is totally worth it.

Benefits of Dynamic Website Designing

  • Easy to update contents and pictures.
  • You can manage your sites look.
  • Can add or delete pages in site.

  Software Development

Software as per your need is most important. We offer customized solutions mainly in PHP to comply with the business objectives, organizational structure and workflow management of different enterprises. We are well-versed in Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) and AJAX.

Adopting the best technology frameworks and proven methodologies, PHP solutions offered by Bit Hexa offers scalability, flexibility and improved collaboration. Our solutions render cost-effective knowledge management and higher content availability whilst catering to the diversified needs of organizations in a performance rendering manner. We offer business solutions that enable you to operate in a resourceful manner and helps you to achieve your organizational goals proficiently. Based on the latest technology standards and frameworks, our PHP based web solutions deliver maximum ROI and reduces the overall development cost whilst transforming the entire workflow system.

We use industry leading PHP frameworks and tools to deliver best-fit solutions that suit your business needs with strong support of mySql database.  We are backed by a competent team of PHP developers and architects with experience in delivering SaaS, Digital and As-a-service solutions.


E-Commerce web development has indeed become a necessity instead of a means to drive greater traffic. We offer efficacious and effectual eCommerce web design, plug-in & module development solutions for small and medium level enterprises. Having intense love for web designing and development, our skilled and talented professionals remain abreast with the current industry trends to deliver prolific results. With the ineffable experience, our competent developers create customized e-commerce website to promote your brand effectively while bringing success as well as online sales.

  Web Site Maintenance

Opting for Web Design services is the initial process, for stepping into a new incredible marketing arena. Website maintenance is the prime requirement to keep your website updated, interactive and instantaneous. Web application maintenance is very essential. It leaves a trade mark on the marketing and communication strategies of a company.

Keeping your website up to date and fresh regularly is a important and time consuming task. But it's a very important aspect of for any business who has a website. Keeping your website visitors updated and engaged with live and relevant content is important, not just from Users perspective but also from search engines point of view.

  • Keeps your visitors engaged
  • Maintains your professional image
  • Good for search engines
  • Helps increase visitors
  • Adds value to your business

  Domain & Hosting

Choosing the right domain & host for your website is a compelling step along the way. As the web world is expanding at a herculean speed, there are tons of domain & hosting selection choices available. Choosing a reliable, credible and unique option to provide your users the functionality and quality they are looking for is a tough row to hoe. The domain is the address that users will use to reach you while hosting service provides the platform where the web page can be accessed by users around the globe. It is important to keep your business requirement, workflow and target audience in mind while selecting a domain and hosting service for the website of your dream website.